Personal Training

Are you currently stuck in a rut with your training?
Would you like to gain a little more flexibility with your diet so that you can enjoy the foods and drinks that you love whilst still achieving a physique you can be proud of?
Are you interested in getting rid the nagging aches, pains and injuries for good?
And finally; are you based in/can you access Liverpool Street?
Then personal training with Ben Foulis Coaching could be just what you need!!

About your coach

I’m Ben and I’m a total health, fitness and sports nerd!!
I’ve been a strength and conditioning coach and a personal trainer for the past 9 years and am immensely proud of what my clients have been able to achieve in our time working together!
To this point in my career, I have coached more than 4000 hours of 1-2-1 sessions, along with having been asked to speak in-front of various different companies and having written for some of the most distinguished publications in the UK.
I am a keen reader and researcher, so combining this with my career coaching experience, you can rest assured you are not and never will be, the guinea pig! Everything that I will ask of you has been tried and tested, researched and read about, and proven to deliver incredible results. 
BSC Sports Coaching Science, TPI, UKSCA.

What is Personal Training with Ben Foulis Coaching?

I am a self employed coach who chooses to run his business out of the truly world class facility Until, situated just a 4 minute walk from Liverpool Street station.
(this is a non-membership PT studio in which ONLY PT sessions can be delivered - there is no fee to enter the facility).
**This is a results focused service only suitable for those who are serious about committing to the process of achieving outstanding results!**
Unlike with other personal training experiences, when working with Ben Foulis Coaching, you invest in a set time period (10 weeks minimum) and we build a bespoke plan around you, your needs and your goals. I am a results driven coach that focuses on achieving the maximum level of results from the shortest possible time (from as little as 3 hours per week of gym time). I will design the ultimate training program completely customised for YOU!
This service includes an initial complimentary consultation, a full measurement, movement screen and fitness test in session one, followed by custom nutrition and training programs, regular nutritional analysis videos, weekly accountability check ins and you will receive various documents to support you on your journey.
You will also have access to me via WhatsApp for whenever you have any questions throughout the process.
This is fastest and most thorough way to level up your health and fitness!
Come the end of the 10 weeks you will be more athletic, you’ll be stronger, leaner, more mobile, more flexible, you’ll be making better food choices, you’ll be less stressed and sleeping better… and you’ll have A LOT more self confidence!
If you fully commit to the process, we can completely transform your physique, your mindset and your life!
That’s because Personal Training with me is way more than just a training program! This is a complete health and lifestyle transformation program…

What's Included With Personal Training With Ben Foulis Coaching:

  • 1, 2 or 3 x 1 hour personal training sessions per week.
  • Alternate months progress measurement sessions including - health measurements, movement screen and fitness tests.
  • Bespoke training program to do away from our 1-2-1 sessions. 
  • Custom nutrition program.
  • Weekly food diary analysis.
  • Conditioning program.
  • My ‘PT Bible’, which contains sections on: General nutrition, Eating out, Hydration, Sleep and Recovery, Supplements and the Exercise Swap Shop.
  • Video tutorials for every programmed exercise.
  • Weekly accountability check ins.
  • And finally; 24/7 WhatsApp access to me.
Finally; for any prospective client I offer a FREE CONSULTATION - all you need to do is fill out the enquiry form below, and I’ll be in contact ASAP to discuss how I can help you and to book in for your consultation.
It’s NEVER too late to start and I work with people of ALL levels of strength/fitness.
So, are you interested in changing your life? Then what have you got to lose?!
Ben Foulis
BSc Sports Coaching Science
*DISCLAIMER! Results may vary and are based on individual circumstances. T’s and C’s apply. Personal Training with Ben Foulis Coaching is subject to availability.